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The amazing technology that you've paid for when you bought your camera or mobile device is useless and a waste of money unless you know exactly how to use it.

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During the special promotion offer, for only $9 each week, International Photography Academy’s NEW “6 Weeks to Photography Mastery” Course is a week by week photography training course where you will learn directly from one of the most talented photographers in the world.

With exciting, information packed, new video tutorials added every week, this course will help you continuously improve your photography beyond what you have ever imagined possible. You’ll be trained, step-by-step from world-class instructors every week, so your head will be full of ideas and inspiration.

Each valuable, easy to understand video tutorial will deliver a high-impact learning experience on one specific photography topic designed to inspire and empower you to be a better photographer.

Now, you’ll be learning all in your own time and at your own pace. You will learn step-by-step as the photographers reveal their secrets, the best tricks and techniques about an area of photography in which they’re uniquely talented.

When you enrol today, you will have a full twelve months access to the course modules so as you can take your time to revisit the information time and time again.


What’s your favourite photography style?


Is it Landscape, Travel Photography, Macro, Nature, Wildlife, Architecture, Food or just great photos of your children, family or friends? Whatever your photography passion, we have you covered and provide a way for you to learn how to take the best photos ever !

While our experts share their unique tips and techniques with you, our team at International Photography Academy will be on standby to answer questions and ensure you receive a consistent high-quality tutorial experience, every single week.

At the conclusion of your course, you will also have exclusive access to our IPA “LIVE” webinar, Question and Answer session and optional VIP sessions where you can submit questions in advance to be answered during the live webinar plus the option of submitting   your photos for constructive critique and comment.

There’s also the Photography Lover’s Private Facebook Group so you can interact with others taking the course. There’s even bonus tuition that you will receive FREE on ways to make money with your photography.

And for those who love travel and adventure we will be hosting Member’s only excursions with exclusive training to be conducted in some of the World’s most spectacular photographic locations.

What a wonderful way to combine your love of photography with  personalized tuition and the “Holiday of a Lifetime”! And to make all this even more exciting …. You have an amazing opportunity for ONLY $9 to reserve your spot at the Photography Mastery Course and START RIGHT NOW.

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You will enjoy over 30 video tutorials as you gain access to each weeks valuable tutorial collection (each video is valued at $25 each) but you can gain access to each information packed tutorial for less than $2 each when you reserve your place right now! That’s right… you will pay only $9  to start and reserve your place right now.


Yes, join this course today whilst the Special Offer lasts and
you'll also GET 7 DAYS to try it for FREE!

Yes, it's only $9 per week (Normally $69)...
but, if for whatever reason you don't agree that
this course is for you ....

you may cancel at any time and you'll owe nothing !!!



More photos are taken these days than ever before.

Photography has never been more fun, as accessible, affordable or so incredibly easy to learn.

Yet, an increasing number of people today remain confused by the vast array of confusing camera settings. Don't let frustration and a lack of confidence ruin your photos. Get the results that clearly have the "WOW" factor that you hope for.

Do you find that your camera spends most of it's life in the "Automatic Mode"?

Do you wonder why your photos often lack impact, look dull and clearly look disappointingly average?


Learning photography used to be an exacting
and very expensive hobby.


Now you have no excuses!

Now you can create great incredible photos every single time!

It's exciting times and the abundance of information, technology and low costs makes learning photography now more exciting, easier and way more affordable than ever !


All you need is a little guidance from an expert... Yes?

Gone are the days of film when the cost of taking photos was extremely high.  It wasn't that long ago when taking photos required paying for the film, the developing, the processing and the printing of proofs. This worked out to a cost of around $14:50  for each and every single time you pressed that shutter button!!! This cost was before you'd even made any prints or enlargements.


Today, it is very different story! 


Budding photographers today are incredibly fortunate to have access to a wealth of information and the most amazing technology, however, many no longer perfect the "art" and sadly lack the discipline that film photographers required.


Do you take hundreds of photos in the hope
that one or two will turn out OK.

Well this is the same as buying a lotto ticket.... the more tickets you buy... the more chances you have of jagging a winning shot.  But you will rarely enjoy the immense gratification that comes from YOU being "the artist".

If you are not sure about camera settings, you are not in control of your camera and the results will disappoint. The enjoyment that you would receive by being a creative is replaced by sheer disappointment.

Does this sound familiar?

What if you could easily change this?


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whilst this Special Offer lasts and
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Yes, it's only $9 per week (Normally $69)...
but, if for whatever reason you don't agree that
this course is for you ....

you may cancel at any time and you'll owe nothing !!!




What Would it Take
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Imagine what that would feel like...

  • Imagine how good it would feel to be 100% in control of your camera.
  • Think how it would feel to have the confidence... knowing every single time you take a photo, the results were going to be amazing.
  • Can you hear the ooohs and ahhhs of admiration you would receive from friends and family.
  • How cool would it be to get hundreds of "likes" whenever you posted your photos on social media.
  • Think how proud you would feel to be recognised by your friends as a great photographer.
  • How valuable would your precious family and holiday memories be if you could create photos with more impact

Expert Tuition Designed To
Take You
On A 6 Week Journey
Photography Mastery


The Photography Starter Kit
For Beginners



Anthony Cottrell is a talented Australian photographer with experience spanning over thirty years as one of the country's most sought after Portrait Photographers.

His has owned and operated one of the  largest and most successful studios and has photographed in the company of greats like Lord Patrck Litchfield, Monte Zucker, Anne Geddes.

On a business front, his compelling eye for the most natural looking portrait photographs have attracted more than 30,000 dedicated clients.

Anthony is also well known for his teaching skills and often conducts photography training workshops and Photography Masterclasses throughout the world.  In recent years,  over 10,000 budding photographers have attended his popular photography teaching events.

His passion is photography and Anthony is dedicated to assist as many others as possible discover the secrets and joy to taking amazing photos and gaining the best results from their camera.

This new series of informative video tutorials produced exclusively for International Photography Academy will not disappoint anyone seriously interested in taking their photography skills to the next level. His engaging teaching style makes everything easy to understand even for the absolute beginner with no prior photography knowledge.

Discover All There is to Know
About Your Camera
and It's Essential Settings

  • Understanding What Makes a Photo Great
  • Why Undestanding Exposure Is Critical
  • The Basics of Composition and Balance
  • Understanding The Role of Aperture as a Creative Tool
  • Freezing Action and Ceating Motion with Shutter Speed
  • Controlling ISO and Why You Should Never Set It to Auto Mode
  • How to Read Your Light Meter and What is it Telling You
  • How to Change The Settings on Your Camera
  • The Power of Light and How to Read Light for Maximum Impact


The Fundamentals of Exposure


How to Get The Perfect Exposure
Every Time...

  • How your Camera Reads the Light
  • Things You Must Know About Your Camera's Light Meter
  • Metering Modes --- What Are They? - How Do You Change Modes? - And What Mode Is Best?
  • The Perfect Exposure and Why Its Critical to Your Success
  • The Problems With Under and Over Exposure
  • Different Exposures for Different Effects
  • Overcoming Exposure Problems in Low Light



The Essential Ingredient
of all Great Photos

Understanding Lighting...
Discover All There is to Know About
The Magic of Light

  • How Paying Attention To Light Will Improve Your Photos
  • How To Use Soft And Hard Light For Taking Great Photos
  • How Color Temperature Changes The Mood Of Your Photos
  • Use The Direction Of Light To Take Creative Photos
  • How To Use Shadows For Taking More Interesting Photos
  • 5 Simple And Effective Ways To Modify Light In Your Photos
  • The Correct Use of Artificial Light And Flash To Create Natural Effects

Yes, join this course today whilst the Special Offer lasts and
you'll also GET 7 DAYS to try it for FREE!

Yes, it's only $9 per week (Normally $69)...
but, if for whatever reason you don't agree that
this course is for you ....

you may cancel at any time and you'll owe nothing !!!




Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q.What is the format of the video lessons?

    A.Each weekly lesson consists of a total of 60 to 90 minutes of high-quality videos lessons from a world-class photographer. All courses are concise while covering the topic in-depth. There are no prerequisites for these lessons. They’re helpful for beginners and experts alike.

  • Q.How much time do I need for this program?

    A.You only need about 90 minutes per week to go through the video lessons. However you can also participate in assignments after the video lessons so there will be plenty of opportunities to keep learning but this is not essential.

  • Q.What if I’m not good with technology?

    A.No worries! All technical concepts are described in simple terms while avoiding unnecessary jargon, which allows people of all age groups to successfully participate in this program. If you ever get stuck, you can ask any questions about the latest videos, which will be promptly answered by the author. Technology should not stand in the way of your creativity!

  • Q.What if I’m not a good photographer?

    A.You don’t need any previous photography experience to fully participate in this program. All the courses start from the very beginning while gradually progressing into advanced topics. There are no prerequisites and anyone can learn to take great photos

  • Q.What if I’m an experienced photographer?

    A.I’m also an experienced photographer, and I can’t tell you how much I learned from reviewing the course materials. No matter how much you already know, there’s always more to learn. Even if you already know the theory, you’re still going to get new ideas for your photos!

  • Q.What camera will in need?

    A.Don’t worry! The concepts that are clearly explained within your tutorials are suited to all camera types from mobile phone devices, point and shoot through to expensive DSLR’s.

    So what ever you prefer to take photos with, this course will provide valuable information to improve your photography no matter what.

What Others Have Said

I wanted to say that the course was excellent. I am so glad I attended it! I learnt so much about my camera and about taking photos. I was especially interested in what was said about reading photos from left to right. I think that is amazing! Thank you again for such informative lessons, I have learnt so much from only those 4 videos. I look forward to the next month's lessons, taking photos and improving my skills even more


Thankyou Anthony for a great  course! We really enjoyed listening to you. Thankyou for introducing us to the MAGIC button, Graham & I have had a night of practicing. We are taking a joint holiday next year to Europe and we shall be putting everything we learnt from the lessons into practice, Anthony, your passion is priceless, and it’s lovely to listen to someone who is willing to share it with us amateurs



Join this course today whilst the Special Offer lasts and
you'll also GET 7 DAYS to try it for FREE!

Yes, it's only $9 per week (Normally $69)...
but, if for whatever reason you don't agree that
this course is for you ....

you may cancel at any time and you'll owe nothing !!!



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If you don’t agree that this course provides you with a value packed learning experience, please let us know why.  Our team is dedicated to ensure your total satisfaction and if you are not 100% happy with your tuition investment you will receive a 100% full refund